DJ Swing a.k.a. DR.SWING is renowned not only as one of the best DJs in Tokyo, but also as a top-notch producer and studio engineer with a strong passion in delivering high-quality audio.

Starting his DJ career at the tender age of 14, DJ Swing has been perfecting his craft as a DJ in both Japan and abroad, spending a year in the US between 1999-2000.

As resident DJ of Tokyo’s hottest parties such as the weekend “ALIER” and “R.A.V.E.” parties held at ageHa; Japan’s biggest party venue located in Shinkiba which mobilizes over 2,000 people from all over Tokyo every weekend, DJ Swing has gained recognition as one of Japan’s representative DJs.

In addition, his annual national club tour in which he visits more than twenty locations throughout Japan, has been extremely successful every year since its start in 2007. His top-class and unwavering DJ skills and performance never fails to fascinate the audience, and that is truly the main essence of his tour; and also the reason why its popularity continues to grow explosively every year.

In July 2007, DJ Swing released his first official MIX CD “Manhattan Records The Exclusives Hip Hop Hits” nationwide, which became a huge hit ranking in the TOP 10 of the Oricon Indies Album Chart. In September of the same year he relocated from Osaka to Tokyo, and in just half a year after the move, he had released his long-awaited second official MIX CD “NEXT ANTHEM” from the major record label UNIVERSAL MUSIC. In October 2010, DJ Swing released the MIX CD titled “LIFE STORY”; his first attempt at J-R&B, which with its great success helped to spread his name among J-R&B fans. His fourth official MIX CD “BRING IT OOON!” was released in April 2012 and recorded high sales. Not slowing down one bit, he released his fifth official MIX CD “SUPER DANCE HITS” in December of the same year. In June 2013, he took part in the production of the official mixtape of the popular Japanese female singer, Ms.OOJA.

In September 2009, DJ Swing opened his recording and mastering studio CRYSTAL SOUND, equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and located in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Up until today, many sessions for various Japanese and foreign artists have taken place at CRYSTAL SOUND. The lists of artists include N.O.R.E. (US), DJ UNK (US), VADO (US), FRED THE GODSON (US), CLUB CHEVAL (France), Becca (Ghana), and popular Japanese artists such as DABO, 80KIDZ, UNA, and ISH-ONE.

DJ Swing’s dedication to delivering the best sound quality possible in all of his works has earned him a reputation as a reliable producer/engineer who will never disappoint. He has worked on tracks of many artists including TERRY, t-Ace, Ena Matsumoto, DJ KENSHU featuring Spontania, the hit song “Somebody Out There feat. J DOE” included in the debut album “The Love Train” of the Grammy nominated songwriter Lonny Bereal, and the remix of the popular Canadian female R&B singer Andreena’s hit single, “Key To Your Heart”.

In April 2013, DJ Swing started a paid subscription-based e-mail magazine service; the first of its kind by a DJ in Japan, called “Club & Culture Music Magazine- edge”. Featuring various guest writers who are active in the forefront of the club music scene and utilizing the musical knowledge and valuable experience that he has gained over the years of his career, DJ Swing provides the latest buzz in the club music culture through “edge”.

DJ Swing is also the official model for popular men’s apparel brand “BEENUTS”; a brand created around the theme of “Smooth Operator”, which he is also sponsored by.

In the summer of 2013, together with DJ KENSHU, DJ Swing formed an Electronic Dance Music Duo called “CRAZEEK” with the aim to send out world-class EDM from Japan. In November 2013, the duo showcased their DJ skills in the live web-streaming program DOMMUNE in Back 2 Back style, and received high acclaim.

2015 is sure to be another exciting year for DJ Swing with worldwide activities going beyond the boundaries of genre and scene.



HIP HOPスタイルとHOUSE MUSICスタイルを巧みに使い分け、あらゆるジャンル・年代に及ぶ膨大な音楽知識を背景に最新のクラブミュージックからタイムレスなクラシックスまで卓越したDJスキルでプレイ。ドラマティック&エキサイティングなDJスタイルで上質なピークタイムと一体感を演出する。


現在は東京を拠点に活動し、渋谷やアジア最大のクラブ”ageHa @ STUDIO COAST”で週末2000人規模を動員するビッグパーティーのメインDJとして活躍。2007年より日本全国各地を回るクラブツアーを毎年開催し、爆発的な盛り上がりを見せる。

彼を日本のトップDJとして世に広く知らしめたのはメジャーレーベルよりオフィシャルリリースした数多くのDJ MIX作品である。

2007年7月に全国一斉発売された自身初のオフィシャルMIX CD「Manhattan Records The Exclusives Hip Hop Hits」がオリコンインディーズアルバムチャートにTOP10入りの大ヒットを記録。 2007年9月に活動拠点を大阪から東京に移し、そのわずか半年後の2008年3月には待望のオフィシャルMIX CD第2弾『NEXT ANTHEM』をUNIVERSAL MUSICからリリース。2010年10月には自身初となる邦楽R&B MIX「LIFE STORY」をリリース、邦楽ファンにもその名を轟かせることとなった。2012年4月にはオフィシャルMIX CD第4弾となる「BRING IT OOON!」をリリース、高セールスを記録。2012年12月には洋楽ヒッツのDANCE COVERを満載のオフィシャルMIX CD第5弾「SUPER DANCE HITS」をリリース。2013年6月には人気女性シンガーMs.OOJAのオフィシャルミックステープを制作。2014年4月には世界最大手のデジタルレコードプールである”DJ CITY”のPODCASTにおいて日本代表としてDJ MIXが世界配信される。2014年9月にはオフィシャルMIX CD第6弾となる「ULTIMATE EDM TRAXXX -Mixed by DR.SWING-」をSPACE SHOWER MUSICからリリース、世界のEDMヒッツと共に自身のオリジナルトラックも収録し、大ヒットを記録。

DOMMUNEやblock fmといったオンラインメディアにも出演、2013年4月よりDJでは国内初となる有料メールマガジン”-Club & Culture Music Magazine- edge”のサービスを開始、人気アパレルブランド”BEENUTS”のオフィシャルモデルも務めたりとその活動は多岐に渡る。

また、都内屈指のレコーディング/マスタリングスタジオ「CRYSTAL SOUND」のオーナー/エンジニアでもあり、N.O.R.E. (US)、DJ UNK (US)、VADO (US)、FRED THE GODSON (US)、CLUB CHEVAL (France)、Becca (Ghana)といった著名海外アーティストをはじめ、DABO、80KIDZ、HABANERO POSSE、UNA、ISH-ONE、HISATOMI、あっくん、山口リサといった人気国内アーティストに至るまで日々様々なプロジェクトが行われている。

プロデューサー/リミキサーとしても、TERRY、t-Ace、松本恵奈、DJ KENSHU feat. Spontaniaといった国内アーティストから、グラミーノミネートソングライター”Lonny Bereal”、カナダ出身の人気女性R&Bシンガー”Andreena”といった海外アーティストまでを手がける。